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Airport services resumed after national social distancing

24 Tháng 04, 2020

Since April 23rd, complying with the Code of operational assurance during COVID-19 epidemic, Retail shops outlets, F&B, and Business Lounge at Domestic terminal as well as services at International terminal including Dutyfree, Business Lounge have been reopened to welcome passengers.

After a period of national social distancing, the domestic flight routes have been accepted to operate again. To meet the demand for shopping and using the service of traveling passengers, SASCO resumed its business operation in both Domestic and International Terminal of Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Local airlines also reconnected the destinations, the number of flight shall be increased greatly compared to the time during social distancing. In current operating conditions of the terminal and flight frequency of the carriers, SASCO reopened its business activities to flexibly serve customers following the operating plan of Tan Son Nhat as well as been strictly implementing measures to prevent and control the epidemic.

Specifically, the airport ramp bus team who remains active even during the epidemic has now been strengthened its operation in terms of bus frequency as required from actual demand. For retail service, 03 Duty-free shops resumed its activity at Intl terminal, while in Domestic, 02 SASCO shops reopened selling all necessary goods & merchandise together with protective products at Gate 5 and 14 (two in-service Gates at the current time). Cuisine de Saigon and Pho Cho restaurants, +84 cafe at Domestic terminal also offer fast food for taking away.

Besides, the domestic business lounges are back in operation, ensuring service standards in complying with regulations of hygiene, food safety, and especially of social distancing to prevent cross-contamination by a new arrangement of 2 meters distance between each seating. There is a safe standing layout at the buffet counter. The Lounge implements daily disinfection spray by CH2200 solution, sanitizing of contact surfaces after guest occupancy, and UV light sterilizing restroom and kitchen. On the other hands, the company also developed a new activity of healthy inflight catering (SASCO F&B)

Áp dụng Bộ quy tắc đảm bảo an toàn khai thác trong tình huống phòng chống dịch COVID-19

Responding to the new situation, ensuring the dual goals of both pandemic prevention and economic development, SASCO transformed the Corona Influenza Quick Response Team (established as soon as the pandemic outbroke to immediately deal with the arising situation) into the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee to implement synchronized and long-term activities in the new situation.

SASCO has also applied the ” Code of operational assurance during COVID 19 epidemic“. The published Code includes 7 sets, detailing the measures to prevent and control Covid-19 in the service system of Bussiness lounge, retail, F&B outlet, Cobus team, catering service, warehouses and company offices, specifically:

  • Instructions to wear a mask properly
  • Instructions for using gloves properly
  • Hand washing in conformity with WHO
  • Measuring body temperature for employees and customers instructions
  • Arranging social distancing
  • Disinfection spraying instructions
  • Cleaning and disinfecting contact surfaces instructions
  • Handling procedures for detection of COVID-19 infection
  • Handling procedures for detection of suspected COVID-19 infection
  • Regulations on medical declaration
  • The unwell employees screening process

The Covid-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee carries out the task of elaborating and promptly adjusting the “ Code of operational assurance during COVID 19 epidemic” in compliance with orders & instructions of Prime Minister, Ministry of Health, relevant sectoral authorities and SASCO operational situation; Organizing Code of Conduct training and certification for all employees; as well as Organizing inspection and supervision of the Company business units and departments’ compliance.

Currently, the pandemic has been well-controlled but taking care of the health of passengers and staff is always SASCO’s forefront goal.

There have been optimistic signs showing the pandemic situation is under good control, Tan Son Nhat International Airport has also registered to be busy again with several flights and passengers’ hassle steps on their journey. In this new context, SASCO staff are always showing their firm dedication in each position, working together to ensure both business activities and safety for staff and passengers contributing to the joined force of the airport sector in particular and the whole country, in general, to fight against the epidemic, striving towards new goals and new successes.

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