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22 Tháng 06, 2020
You can buy SASCO Business Lounge ticket through the following payment methods: 1. Payment via card Use local ATM/Debit card/Credit card to make a payment 2. Payment via the e-wallet Use Momo/ZaloPay electronic wallet to buy a ticket on website 3. Pay by scanning the QR Code Pay by scanning a QR code via
03 Tháng 06, 2020
Why do passengers like the airport lounges?
The airport lounge is often likened to a peaceful, comfortable oasis in the middle of a hustle airport. These are the reasons why passengers always want to enter the lounge 1. COME EARLY AND RELAX Give yourself a leisurely flight by arriving at the airport early and enjoy your vacation right before you’re on the
28 Tháng 04, 2020
Le Saigonnais – Asia’s Best Business Class Lounge 2020
Le Saigonnais is the only representative of Vietnam to be honored at PAX International Readership Awards 2020
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