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Business Lounge Chain

Le Saigonnais Lounge

450,000 425,000

Opening hours

Opening hours from 04:30 AM to the last flight of the day


Location Tan Son Nhat Airport - Domestic Terminal
Gate 2nd Floor, opposite Gate 12
Usage time 3 consecutive hours
  • Buffet
  • Diverse range of beverages
  • FIDs
  • Abundant TV channels
  • Free wifi
  • Computer
  • Office facilities
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Comfortable Sofa
  • Luggage Locker
  • Personal utilities
  • Shoe Polisher

Le Saigonnais is typical of a Lounge with international standard as well as a representation of Saigon identity, from its architecture, culinary, fashion and especially, local people – the Saigonese

Le Saigonnais represents the local culture of Saigon – HCMC, with a classic and refined style, in harmony with the image of old Saigon’s architecture and modern touch of decoration. The flows of life, the dynamic, and flexible spirits of the “Saigonese” are being showcased precisely in every detail and highlighted through the familiar images of street roundabouts, which genuinely delivers respect for passengers’ privacy and harmoniously put together with the overall architecture. Every detail, every decoration of this Lounge can touch the feeling of every guest loving Saigon.

Le Saigonnais’ choice of food and beverage will satisfy the passengers who love to explore the local gastronomy. Le Saigonnais introduces many Saigon delicacies and offers customers unique and interesting local culinary experiences. The hospitality and welcoming spirits of Le Saigonnais staff have become a pleasant rhythm, leaving such an unforgettable impression of Saigon culture to the heart of each passenger before leaving the city.

  • Operating hours: from 04:30 AM to the last flight of the day
  • Location: Tan Son Nhat Domestic Airport – 2nd Floor, opposite Gate 12
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SASCO Business Lounge
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Le Saigonnais Lounge
VND 425000
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